SLAAP® 120 Nights Trial

Try a Slaap in your own home the way a mattress was always meant to be tested. Decide on your own terms, at your own pace, and with zero pressure. And if you don’t love it? Returns and removal are both free and fully arranged. Your sleep trial beings the day your new mattress arrives at your door. 


It often takes a few weeks to fully adjust to a new sleep surface because your body might still be used to the feel of your previous mattress. This is perfectly normal, and the phase will pass soon enough. So give it at least 60 nights to make your decision. We believe that this is necessary because you definitely need to lie on the mattress for more than 5 minutes to determine if it is suitable for you. Most times, you need at least 4 months.


After the initial break-in period of 60 nights, you’ll have up until 120 nights from date for delivery to decide whether to keep your new Slaap mattress. If you choose to return it, we’ll arrange for it to be picked up and sent to a local charity whenever available. You’ll get a full refund once your mattress has been collected.


Only one return of any mattress per customer, household, and/or delivery address. Returns are valid on your first order only. You will be refunded for the cost of the mattress (less any discounts). Please note the 120 night trial is limited to one mattress per household and cannot be used to exchange for another size.


You are not eligible for a return or refund if you have ordered the wrong size, wanting to change size, upgrade or downgrade. Furthermore if the mattress has been damaged or stained to the extent that our charity partners refuse it, you will not be granted a return or refund. All Mattresses must be opened and removed from the box within 30 days of delivery or return privilege is void. 



Absolutely no refunds or returns will be granted after 120 nights.


Start a return by sending an email to


  1. Submit your interest for a return to the email
  2. We will respond to you with a date of pick up that will be 30 days from the day of your request.
  3. The refund will be processed 45 days from the date of pick up.
  4. During pick-up, our driver will assess the condition of the mattress. Mattresses with visible man-made and non-organic defects such as tears or openings will not be able to qualify for this return. It is important to note that purchases requiring a pick up for return due to a mistake in order are liable for a pick up fee and must be in good condition in order to be accepted by driver for return.